Setting Up Smartforce Supervisor Notifications For a Customer

In this article we will go over the supervisor notification feature and the 2 ways to set it up for a customer so that a supervisor can be automatically notified with an email when an officer is late to a post.

This is a great way to stay on top of no shows or habitually late employees.  Depending on the start of shift grace period set the assigned supervisor will receive an email notification that the officer had not clocked in on time. 

TIP & BEST PRACTICE:  Create a general email group for supervisors for notifications rather than set up notifications for individual supervisors. 

How to Setup a Supervisor Notification

To set up a supervisor notification:

1. Log onto the Trackforce Valiant web portal as an Admin or Supervisor.

2. Hover over the TLM Module and click Customer in the Schedule Maintenance section. 


3. Click on the customer you want to set up supervisor notifications for.


4. In the Main Form section at the left hand side of the page click the expandable arrow for the Additional Attributes sub-section and click Locations.


5. Click on the location you want to set up supervisor notifications for.

6. 3 new button options will appear to the Actions drop down at the top left hand side.  Click the Edit button.


7. Scroll down to the Notes section and find the Supervisor listing.


8. Here you will have the option to choose an exiting Supervisor in the system or you can create a Supervisor.

Option 1

If you are using an existing supervisor click the drop down menu arrow.

Clicking the Supervisor: field drop down arrow will open a Choose Supervisor window.


Click on the Business Unit Profile drop down arrow and select the correct business unit. 


Click on the desired Supervisor and click the Select button at the bottom right hand side of the page.


The selected supervisor will now appear in the Supervisor: field and the Edit and Show buttons will now be functional.


Option 2 

If you are choosing to create a new supervisor to receive automatic notifications, click the Create button. 


Fill out the fields in the pop up Create Supervisor window.


Business Unit (1)

Click on the drop down menu and select the correct business unit.

Location Supervisor: (2)

Name the position not the individual supervisor.  it is recommended to include the name or initials of the location. For example: the ABC Shoe Company might be listed as ABC - Supervisors

Description: (3)

The description functions much in the same way as the Location Supervisor description. 

Email1: (4)

Add a primary notification email in the Email 1: field and a secondary email in the Email 2: field. 

Employee (5)

Clicking the Employee: field drop down arrow allows you to select a supervisor from a list of employees in the system.

Save (6) 

Once all the appropriate fields have been filled out click the Save button at the bottom right hand corner of the page.

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