Creating a Shift Time Change

In this article we will go over how to change a shift time. 

NOTE: Using this schedule feature is a one time only change to a shift (even a permanent shift) and is temporary due to the fact that most permanent shifts only have rare shift time changes and therefore should be used sparingly. 

How to Change a Shift Time

To change a shift time:

1. Log onto the web portal as an admin or supervisor. 

2. Hover over the TLM module and click on Business Unit in the Schedule Maintenance section


3. Click on the Schedule Details button in the Actions column of the Business Unit you want to add a week for. 


4. Click on the 3 horizontal dots of a shift and in the drop down menu click on Change Shift Times.


5. In the Change Shift Times pop up window change the shift  Start Time, the End Date or the End Time using the drop down arrows at the right side of each field. 


NOTE: You can only change the shift time within a 24 hour window.

6. Once the Shift Time has been changed click the Save button at the bottom right hand corner of the pop up window. 


7. A green pop up SUCCESS banner will let you know the shift time have been changed.



NOTE: The Schedule Details page will now reflect the shift time change:

Prior to Change:                                            After Change

mceclip4.png                  mceclip5.png

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