Weekly Payroll Preparation Checklist


In this article we will go over a checklist and walkthrough of all the steps you will need to take to ensure a successful payroll.

How to View the Schedule Status

To view the schedule status:

1. Log onto the Trackforce Valiant web portal as an Admin or Supervisor.

2. Hover or click on the TLM module and click Business Unit under the Schedule Maintenance Section. 


3. On the Business Unit page locate the Business Unit you want to view the schedule status for and click the Schedule Details button in the Actions column.


4. On the schedule calendar page use the Filters expandable drop down to ensure all weekly shift have been confirmed.  

Confirm if necessary.


5. Use Schedule Status filters to look for Unconfirmed shifts.


NOTE: The week should show NO unconfirmed shifts before proceeding.

Unconfirmed shifts are color coded to the Schedule Status light gray outline Unconfirmed checkbox.


6.  Use Schedule Status filters for look for Open shifts.


NOTE: Open shifts are color coded to the Schedule Status red Open checkbox.


7. You can also use the Variances filter or the Exceptions filter to ensure that all overrides and changes are approved for processing.



How to Calculate Payroll & Billing

To calculate payroll & billing:

1. Click the blue Calculate Payroll & Billing at the top right hand side of the page.

NOTE: This is to ensure again that all current hours & rates are pulled into TLM System.


2. A progress window will pop up and let you know when the payroll and billing have been calculated for that week.


3. A green SUCCESS banner will let you know that payroll and billing have been successfully calculated for that week.


4. Click on the Padlock icon below the blue Calculate Payroll & Billing button and in the drop click the Lock Week option so that users are locked out from making any changes.


5.  Ensure that the week is locked by confirming that there is a black padlock icon next to each day of the week.  



How to Verify Payroll and Billing in Reports

To verify payroll and billing: 

1. Hover over the Reports module and click Reports Library in the Important Actions section on the left hand side of the page.



2.  Run both a Payroll Detail by Customer and the Billing Detail report to ensure all payroll and billing has been accurately captured prior to processing Payroll or Invoices.

NOTE: These 2 reports must be run individually.

PRO TIP: Report Titles are list alpha numerically.  Use the Keyword Search and type in the word detail rather than scroll through long lists of report names.



3. To run the individual report right click on the Report Title and click Run Report.

4. On the Report Detail page fill out the appropriate information and click the Run Report button at the bottom right hand side of the page. 


NOTE: Depending on the size of the report it may take several minutes to run.  The progress circle will indicate progress and for large reports you have the option to click the blue Send to Background button at the bottom right hand corner of the poop up window.


5. Once the report is completed a pop up window will display for review.

You will have the option to print or close the report.


NOTE: If errors are found you will need to repeat these steps of the checklist and:

Go back into the TLM Schedule

Unlock the week

Make the required changes

Recalculate the Payroll & Billing

Relock the week 

Rerun the reports

This process should be repeated until you are absolutely certain your Payroll and Billing are accurate.

Once Payroll & Billing are processed the week should remain locked for the duration of that pay period so that others do not make any changes to a finalized week.


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