Creating a TLM Scheduling Division

In this article we will go over how to create a TLM division, go over the difference between setting a division with an actual or average pay rate, and share an example. 

NOTE: Creating a TLM Scheduling division is done after a payroll rep / lead has already created a payroll division. 

How to Create a Division

To create a division:

1. Log onto your Trackforce Valiant web portal.

2. Hover over or click on the Company module and click Business Units.



3. Locate the Business Unit you want to create a division for and right click on it.

4. From the pop up options click on Create Vision Side Division


5.  Click on the Business Unit to Copy From:* (1) drop down menu and select a previously created business unit. 


NOTE: The option to copy from an existing business unit is marked as mandatory with a red asterisk unless this is the first division being created.  The first division created is typically done during the discovery call. 

Attempting to click the Create Vision Side Division after a division has already been created will result in an error message.


Fields 2- 7 will default to the business unit it was copied from, however they can be edited before clicking the Create Vision Side Division (8) button. 


Understanding Average Rate and Actual Rate

In the drop down fields 2- 4 you will see the default as AVERAGE RATE before a business unit is copied and in most cases they will be set as AVERAGE RATE after a business unit is copied.


NOTE: The way an employer pays employees is typically determined during the discovery call. 


Example Pay Scenario

An Employee works at multiple locations that have different pay rates in the same pay period.

Actual Rate = The employee gets paid the pay rate for actual hours worked at each location worked.

The actual rate method does not follow Department of Labor (DOL) requirements because of any overtime worked on a specific shift. 

Because the actual rate method does not conform to DOL requirements the client must sign a waiver if they choose the actual rate method option which indemnifies Trackforce Valiant in the case of incorrect payment and DOL audit 

Average Rate = The employee gets paid a weighted average based on the hours worked at each location.

The Average Rate method conforms to DOL requirements and is the recommended pay method.


6.  If it is needed click the Vantage Timezone: (6) drop down menu and select the correct time zone. 

7.  The Daylight Savings: (7) checkbox is checked by default.  It is very rare, but if the business unit / division is in a state or location that does not observe daylight savings you can uncheck it. 

8. Once the new division is created click the Create Vision Side Division (8) button. 

9. A green SUCCESS banner will pop up to let up know the division was successfully created. 



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