TLM – The Valiant Employee Self Service Mobile App

In this article we will go over how to download, login and how to use the ESS Mobile app.

Welcome to the Valiant ESS Mobile App. This app affords you access to your information such as pay statements, a view of your schedule and the ability to clock in and out of your shifts.

This information is available to you on demand, anytime and anywhere you have internet access on your mobile device. This app is available via Apple’s App Store and the Android Google Play Store.

NOTE: In order to use this app, you must first have completed the Employee Self Registration process fully. In addition, you must make sure that the Location Service on your phone is enabled.  After that is completed, you will follow the steps below to activate and start using the Valiant ESS Mobile App on your smart phone.

How to Download the ESS Mobile App

To download the ESS Mobile App:

1. Open the Play Store on your mobile device and type “Valiant ESS” in the Search bar.

2. Select the “Valiant ESS Mobile” application from the list:


3. Click the Install and Accept buttons to install the application to your mobile device.


How to Enroll in the ESS Mobile App

To enroll to use the ESS mobile App:

1. Open the application and it will bring you to the Device Activation screen.

2. Enter the email address and password associated with your self-service account and press the
Activate button in order to activate the application on your device.


3. Once activated you will then be brought to the login screen.


4. Enter the PIN number you were provided or the email address username associated with your profile along with your password and press the Sign-In button.


5. You will then be brought to the Main Menu of the Self-Service app.  Press the “V” button at the top left corner.  


How to Use My Schedules

To use the My Schedules option:

1. Log onto the Valiant ESS App.

2. From the main page tap the “V” button at the top left corner.  

3. Tap on the My Schedules option.


4. Choosing the “My Schedules” option will navigate into the Schedule portion of the application, where pressing the highlighted area shown below (if on the current scheduled day) will bring up the respective punch options for that day (if within the appropriate range).


5. Pressing in the above area on the current day will show options similar to the following:


6. If you have already performed a previous punch action, when you select your shift you will instead be shown subsequent actions able to be performed.


7. You can also choose the “More Options” selection, which will bring up a different Menu showing available punch actions.




How to View Pay Statements

To view pay statements:

1. Log onto the Valiant ESS App.

2. From the main page tap the “V” button at the top left corner.  

3. Tap on the Pay Statements option.


4. You will be brought to the following screen showing Payroll related data (if available).


5. You can then select any of the respective check dates to show the Payroll information in greater detail, including earnings and tax related information (the page is a scrollable window).


6. You can also press the “View Statement” button at the bottom of the page, which will open up a viewable image of the respective check stub in non-negotiable form:


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