Vantage - During Tour Check-in

How to set up Vantage to require that an employee call in periodically throughout their scheduled shift. 

Vision Tour Option Setup

This setting requires that an employee call in periodically throughout their shift.  This option must be turned on by Support before applicable settings are displayed and it can be used.


1. Division Settings

Vantage Tab:  Tour Check In Range

Sets time limits on how close to check in time they must complete the call in minutes before or after scheduled check-in.  Must be greater than zero to enable the During Tour Check-In Required option on the Tour Master.



2. Tour Master

Vantage Tab

During Tour Check-In Required:  Option must be selected.

Week Days:  Number of times an employee must check in during tour EXCLUDING the Sign OUT for the tour.   (Ex: An 8 hour tour has 7 entered here if requirement is hourly)



NOTE: If using the notification functionality, they will happen 1 minute after the “Tour Check In Range" value.  Please refer to VANTAGE – Notifications.

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