Vantage - Mileage Expense

In this article we will go over the Mileage Expense Tracking option.

NOTE:  The Mileage Expense Tracking option is available for Vision customers using the Vantage telephone check-in system only.

This function will record the employee’s mileage expense when they call in through Vantage and create a Payroll Adjustment in Vision.

How to Setup the Mileage Expense Tracking Option

1. Open applicable Post Master.
2. Click Mileage tab.
3. Click Edit button.
4. Check Mileage Expense option.
5. Enter per mile rate in Payroll field.
6. Select Tax option if applicable.
7. Enter GL Account if applicable.



Note: The Mileage Expense option must be selected for the Vantage system to offer the associated prompts for mileage entry.


How to Enter Mileage Amounts in Vantage

1. Employee calls 800 Vantage Line and selects option to Clock Out by pressing 4.
2. Vantage will prompt the employee: “Enter Mileage”
3. Mileage amounts are then entered by pressing the applicable numbers on the telephone.
4. Vantage confirms the mileage amount and then offers the option to “End Call”.



Reviewing the Payroll Adjustment in Vision

1. Verify the information that was automatically created in the Payroll Adjustment screen.  The Employee Name, Customer, Location and All Posts will be displayed.
2. Modify the Description if desired.  The word MILEAGE with the date it occurred displays.
3. Select a different Earning Type if desired.  Mileage amounts entered in Vantage will be displayed in the Regular Hours field and recorded as REG Earnings.
4. Verify that the correct GL Account is displayed and the Taxable option is selected.  This updates based on the setup on the Post Master Mileage tab.


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