Vault Database Creation

In this article we will go over how to create a Vault database.

How to Create a Vault Database

To create a Vault database:

 1. Log into Support Tools and select Database Creation Utilities  



2. Select the server 



3. Create Client Database – No Charters allowed you could copy existing client database  


NOTE: If you copy earnings, deductions taxes from an existing client make sure to customize it remove earning, deductions and taxes that the company does not use.  NEVER copy all tables/data or Copy History.  

4. After the data base is created you can find the company in the VPS Server then click on the Federal EIN Info tab.  Click on NEW and enter in the Federal ID#, Corporate name Trade name if applicable, Address, City, State and Zip.


5. Fill in the Tax Settings – Federal Filer 941 Tax Service Vendor PTM  


6. Other Settings – Enter in the tax id# and company name check boxes if they workers comp or commuter benefits 



7. Contacts - Enter in the main contact information and email address.   

Then Save create divisions.

NOTE: Test should be under its own tax ID# 


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