Vision - Generate Adjustment Tool

In this article we will go over how to generate the generate adjustment tool.

What is the Generate Adjustments Tool?

The Vision application has a tool available to assist with the processing of mass payroll and/or billing

This tool can significantly decrease the amount of time spent on manual entries.

Criteria can be used to select groups of employees and customers as well as establish certain eligibility

Adjustments are specified in hours, and total amounts can be calculated using either a flat rate, factored against employee rates or by using a special formula.

During the process, a list of adjustments that meet the specified criteria is displayed.

This list can be reviewed and specific adjustments deleted as needed prior to being applied to the system.

Once applied, each adjustment will be available in the Payroll Adjustment Masters for further editing and
reviewing purposes.

The Generate Adjustment Tool Overview

Below is an outline of the Generate Adjustment Tool:

SELECTION CRITERIA: Determines the Employees and Customers that will be selected



PAYMENT CRITERIA: Establishes the employee eligibility rules and amount to be paid.





ADJUSTMENTS LIST: Available for reviewing accuracy and deletion of specific adjustments.



APPLY ADJUSTMENTS: Once list is verified, adjustments are applied to the system.



ADJUSTMENT MASTERS: Each adjustment is automatically posted to the Billing/Payroll Adjustment
Masters and can be edited and processed as a standard manual entry adjustment.


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