TLM Billing – Generating And Finalizing Invoices

In this article we will go over how the billing function of Vision allows the generation of Invoices to be sent to Customers.

Steps to processing invoices:

Calculate Billing

Billing data is not updated automatically by Vision. To ensure all data and any changes have been updated, the Calculate Billing function must be completed prior to generating invoices.

A single week or multiple weeks can be calculated.
Single Week

1. Select the Calculator button

2. Select a week to be calculated

3. Click the Calculate button and when it is done it will bring you back to the schedule.


Multiple Weeks

1. Select Calculate Billing from the Calculations menu
2. Select week(s) to be calculated. Click in the box in Billing Column and a drop-down box will appear. Click on Y to calculate the week.
3. Click the Calculate button and when it is done it will bring you back to the schedule.



Generate/Print Invoices

This function allows invoices to be generated for review prior to Finalizing and sending actual invoices to customers.
NOTE: The invoices are displayed with the assigned invoice numbers; however, these numbers will not be permanent until you run the Finalize function.

1. Select Generate/Print Invoices from the Calculations menu.
2. Select the desired Billing Cycle
3. Select the Invoice Date that should appear on the invoice.
4. By default, All Customers are selected.
5. Uncheck All Customers if you would like to specify one or more Customers in the From and To fields.
6. Depending on the Billing Cycle selected, choose the appropriate week or date range.
7. Click the Invoices Button. The Invoice or Invoices will appear on screen in Preview mode with an Invoice


NOTE: If desired, invoices in the Billing Cycle can be viewed without format by selecting the Audit button. The Audit format displays the same information as Invoices but in a continuous format without page breaks by invoice and without the invoice and graphic formats.


Finalize Invoices

NOTE: This function will only finalize the last batch of invoices generated. If this function is not completed after each cycle, Vision will reuse the same invoice numbers for the next cycle.  This will result in duplicate invoice numbers.

1. Selecting Finalize Invoices from the Calculations Menu.
2. The Warning window will display a list of the invoice numbers and customers to be verified prior to
 finalizing. It is suggested that this list be reviewed and printed or saved to better handle audit trails.
3. Click the Close button to close the Valiant Warning window.
4. Click the Yes button to finalize invoices. The system will display a confirmation when it is done. (If you click the No button it will exit this function and not finalize the invoices).
5. Click the Ok button


NOTE:  Invoice List Reports are available only after invoices are finalized.




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