TLM - Creating and Exporting General Ledger Accounts in Vision

In this article we will go over how to create and export general ledger accounts in Vision. 

NOTE: This refers to an appropriate export file as defined by the client for exporting invoices and creating their invoice accounting entries.

The General Ledger Account Master

1. The General Ledger Account Master can be setup and accessed at the following levels:

  • Customer Default & Customer Master (Customer Tab)
  • Post Default & Post Master (Post Tab)

2. General Ledger Accounts needed for Vision are Sales, Accounts Receivable, and Sales Tax (if applicable).

3. General Ledger account must match exactly in order for the integration file to work appropriately and record the
entries accurately.

Important Note for Quickbooks users): General Ledger account description should match exactly or Quickbooks will create a new GL account.


Enter GL Accounts (Customer Default)

1. Select Customer Default from the Masters drop-down menu.

2. Click Edit.

3. Click the Notepad beside Sales Account, AR Account, and/or Sales Tax Account.

4. Create General Ledger accounts in the General Ledger Account Master.
Note: General Ledger Account No and Description are alphanumeric fields that need to match the client’s accounting system.

5. Select General Ledger Account.

6. Click Save.



NOTE: It is best to add General Ledger accounts to Defaults BEFORE you start creating posts (saves data entry time).


Enter General Ledger Accounts (Post Master)

1. Select Post Master.

2. Click Edit.

3. Select General Ledger Account.

4. Click Save.




Using General Ledger Accounts at the Customer Level vs the Post Level

1. General Ledger accounts for AR (Accounts Receivable) and Sales Tax are entered at the Customer Level because typically, a company will have only one General Ledgeraccount for these.

2. For companies that use only one type of revenue/sales account,

  • Enter Sales General Ledger account at the Customer Level

3. For companies that use more than one type of revenue/sales account,

  • Enter/change the Sales Account at the Post Level
  • For example, if you need to record Sales-Security Officer and Sales-Patrol Officer separately, edit the Post Master Post Tab as follows for the Patrol Post.



The Default for Sales Account would be “4000” Sales Security Officer.



At the Post Master, only the Sales Account was changed to “4200” Sales Patrol.


Creating AR Export File

1. Select Export to 3rd Party from the Tools drop-down menu.

2. Select Division, Accounts Receivable, & Timestamp Format

3. Click on Export

4. File is saved on your local C:\ drive as “export.iff”.  This file is usually saved to the subfolder "Export" under your local C:\ drive, so please ensure that the folder C:\Export exists before attempting to export the file.





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