VISION : Archived Data

Archive Weeks

1.       Select “Archive Week” from the “Week” menu.

2.       Highlight the weeks in the left-side column you want to archive.

  • Select 1-2 weeks to start to estimate how long the archive will take.

3.       Click the right arrow to move weeks to the right-side column.

4.       Click Archive

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Archived Weeks are no longer available for viewing in the current schedule week list.


View Archived Weeks

1.         Select “View Archived Week” from the “Tools” menu.

2.         Highlight the year you want to view and click OK. 

3.         Archived Weeks are now visible in the schedule week list.  Note:  Current weeks are not visible

4.         To redisplay the current weeks, repeat steps above and highlight “Current” and click OK.

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View Archived Data in Reports

If choosing a date range that includes archived weeks, it may be necessary to select the “Database Year” in the Report Filter options.



Note:  Valiant is in the process of updating all reports to eliminate this filter option.

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