Vision - Building a Employee Rate Matrix

In this article we will go over how to build an employee rate matrix in the employee master.

The Employee Matrix Master is a unique Vision capability which allows custom employee pay and bill
rates to override standard billing and payroll settings in the Post or Employee Master files. In addition,
each designated rate setting can have its own effective date set to a specified time in the future.


Setting Up Rate Matrix


1. Access Matrix from the Employee Master
2. Click New Button
3. Select customer, location, post & all tours or one tour.
4. Check Billing and and/or Payroll box & enter rate information. (Leave the OT and Holiday set at defaults unless you want to override system setup.)
5. Click Save


NOTE: Employee Matrix Master fields can be set for all or specific Customers, Locations, Posts, Tours, and Days or as specific as a particular Tour or on a specific day of the week.


Future Rate

You can set up future rates by effective dates.
1. Select Future Rate button.
2. Enter effective date.
3. Click Save


NOTE: If no future date is selected, the effective date will default to the date of the entry.

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