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In this article we will go over how to use the copy schedule function in TLM Vision.

How to Copy a Schedule 

The new Copy Schedule function, available from the Tools menu, can copy a weekly schedule from one Customer, Location or Post to another Customer.



The Copy To Customer will contain the specified Locations and Posts (names, addresses, attributes, fields, temporary/permanent tours/shifts (see Step 5 below), and sub-tables – all data except employees) of the Customer Copied From.

NOTE: Though a Location and a Post may have passed their End Dates, the Copy Schedule function will still copy the source location and post to the destination customer.

1. Select the week ending date you wish to copy from the list of week endings in the Copy From drop-down.


NOTE: The dates shown in the example are in the DD/MM/YYYY format. The date format for your system is specified in the Lookup Tab of the Division Settings.

NOTE:  If the week you wish to copy has already been archived, use the De-archive Week function (available from the Week menu) for the desired week.

2. Select the Source Customer from the Lookup Customer Master whose schedule you wish to copy.



3. You may copy a specific Location, or “All” Locations.

4. If you selected a specific Location, you may copy a specific Post or “All” Posts at that Location

If you selected “All” Locations, you must copy “All” Posts at those Locations.


5. If you do not wish to copy over temporary tours/shifts, unset mceclip6.png the flag.


6. Select the week to Copy To from the drop-down.
NOTE: The week must already exist at the Destination in order to copy to it.


7. Select the Destination Customer from the Lookup Customer Master.


8. If you wish to review or edit the week before copying, click the button to display the Source Schedule.



The schedule shows the number of permanent (P1…) and temporary (T1…) employees for each location, post and shift that will be copied to the Destination Customer. You may remove unwanted shifts by unsetting mceclip6.png the related flag in the Tour column.

9. Click the Copy button to copy the week to the Destination Customer’s locations and posts that
you specified.


Operational Considerations

Archived Weeks
If the week you wish to copy mceclip12.png has already been archived, use the De-archive Week function (available from the Week menu) for the desired week.

The ability to copy a week to a specific customer, location or post depends on the user’s security permissions, namely Location Maintenance, Post Maintenance and/or Tour Maintenance for the division.

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