TLM Schedules – Viewing Employee Schedules in Vision

In this article we will go over viewing employee schedules in Vision. 

How to View a Specific Employee's Schedule

To view a specific employee's schedule:

There are several ways to view days and times that an employee is scheduled.

Total scheduled hours can quickly be viewed on the Schedule screen and details can be viewed on the Employee Master Calendar.

Other options also include the Employee Hours and Employee Schedule tabs.

How to View an Employee’s Total Scheduled Hours

To View Employee’s Total Scheduled Hours:

Click on any Time Slot where the desired employee has been scheduled.

The employee number, full name and total Scheduled and Actual Hours will display at the bottom of the screen.

In the example below, Lindsey Hunter was scheduled for 40 hours, but since she came in 15 minutes late on Wednesday, her actual time worked is 39.75 hours.



How to View an Employee's Schedule Details

To view an employee’s schedule details:

1. Right-click on employee name in the schedule and select Employee Properties. The Employee Master will display.

2. Click the Calendar icon.

3. Select the desired week to display the employee’s schedule.




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