TLM Rate Differential Split Earning Codes

How to input different earning codes for various rate differentials.


This release adds a new option to the System tab of the Division Settings that allows the user to specify rate differentials by earning type.




To accommodate this new feature, the Rate Differential Master associated with the Location contains four new fields where users can specify a rate differential earning type for Regular, Overtime1, Overtime2, and Holiday hours. 

NOTE: These fields are enabled only when the “Split Into Separate Earning Type”
 the checkbox is checked.



The user creates a rate differential earning type by clicking the notepad next to the desired Earning.
Type field to display the Earning Type Master where the user enters the Earning Type No and
Description. The new rate differential earning type becomes available for selection in the dropdowns.




The following shows the effect of rate differentials on the processing of work hours where rate differential earning types are specified on the Location (“Group”\ label in this example) level.




For the timeframe specified (22:00-02:00), a rate of $2.50 will be applied toward all hours associated with
a rate differential, in this case, Reg, OT1, OT2, and Holiday hours worked by the employee. This can be
seen in the Payroll Detail By Employee report.


The hours to which the differential applies appear in the Other/Exempt column of the report.



Payroll Type fields on the Payroll/System tab of the Division Settings must be set to Actual Rate to use the new rate differential earning types.




If set to Average Rate, the system displays an appropriate message.



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