Vision - Adding Invoice Notes

In this article we will go over the 2 options to add a note on an invoice.

Vision allows for notes to be added to an invoice.  There are two areas where Notes can be entered that will appear on a Customer Invoice.

How to Add a Note on an Invoice - Option 1

Enter Notes on the Customer Master

  1. Select the Billing Address tab
  2. Enter the text in the Billing Notes section
  3. Click Save


NOTE: The notes entered in this section will appear on EVERY Invoice sent to this Customer.  If the note is no longer needed, it should be deleted.


How to Add a Note on an Invoice - Option 2

Enter Invoice Notes From the Schedule

  1. Right-click the scheduled time slot that requires a note.
  2. Select the Confirm Detail
  3. Select the Notes tab and enter the desired text.
  4. Select the option Print Statement to Bill.
  5. Click Save.



NOTE:  The notes entered in this area will only appear on the invoice that includes the activity for this scheduled time slot.




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