VISION: Billing - Invoice Setup

In this article we will provide a brief guide of the options available for invoicing through the Vision application.

Invoice Format

Customer Master:  Format Tab

    • Invoice format is generated from the Customer Master.
    • The invoice format can be changed without calculating again.
    • Billing Cycle:  Frequency of invoicing
    • Billing Detail & Invoice Format:  Determines data arrangement on the invoice. 

See Invoice Examples document for further explanation.

    • Invoice Summary:  One line summary

Consolidate Location:  Combines all locations on one invoice.


Billing Address

Customer Master:  Billing Address Tab

    • Address and Contact print on the invoice.
    • Billing Notes, if entered, will print on every invoice for this customer.


Location Master:  Billing Info. Tab

    • Addresses entered here override the Customer Master: Billing Address Tab 
    • Enter info here only if not consolidating locations and either a different billing name and/or address is needed by Location. 


Important Note:

 The B-Name field will automatically be populated with the Location Name. Therefore, it must be removed if it is not needed.


Other Billing Information

Sales Tax

Location Master:  Location Tab

  • Sales Tax is entered at each Location on this tab.


Services, Purchase Order Number, Payment Terms

Location Master:  Billing Info Tab

  • Services, PO No, and Term information is entered by location.


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