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In this article we will go over how the Holiday Master designates time periods that should be considered as “Holiday Hours” when worked by an employee. 

Premium pay factors or rates can be applied when applicable and Holiday time periods can be specified by Location.

Hours Worked during the Holiday time periods will display in the Holiday column on reports and will be applied under the Holiday Earning Code if using the Vault payroll application.


Holiday Master - The Division Settings

1. Select Division Settings from the Tools Menu.

2. Select System tab.

3. Select options (Date, Time, & Rate) to be updated at the assigned Locations when the main Holiday Master is edited.

4. Select Bypass Holiday Level for Billing if you are currently paying holiday but not billing holiday.


How to Create the Holiday Master

To Create the Holiday Master:

1. Select Holiday Master from the Masters menu.

2. Click New.

3. Enter Holiday

4. Uncheck the Default Box if you do NOT want this Holiday to automatically apply when any new Locations are created.



5. Select Holiday Level.

Note: Levels are used in conjunction with the Employee Master to create groups of employees where      holiday benefits may be applied differently.

If all employees must be assigned a Holiday None should be left as the Default.

6. Select Date From and To.

NOTE:  Holidays are typically created for a 24-hour period commencing 00:00 (midnight) of the first           day to 00:00 (midnight) of the second day.

7. Enter FACTOR or RATE for billing/payroll.

Important: If you leave the factor/rate at 0, it will default to the holiday factor/rate at the Post Master.  



8. Click A prompt displays asking if you want to insert into all locations.

If you select YES then the holiday will be assigned to all existing Locations. They may be edited/removed at the applicable Locations.

If you select NO, the holiday must be manually assigned at the applicable Locations.


NOTE: For Holidays to be automatically assigned to any new Locations, the Default Box must be checked.  (See Step 4 above)


How to Edit the Holiday at the Location Master

If the holiday master has been created, you can add or delete an individual holiday at the Location.  You can also edit the dates and billing/payroll factors and rates.

Select Holiday from the drop-down menu at the bottom of Location Master.



Add a Holiday

1. Click New.

2. Select a Holiday.

3. Click Save

Delete a Holiday

1. Highlight a Holiday.

2. Click Delete

Edit a Holiday

1. Highlight a Holiday.

2. Click Edit.

3. Make the appropriate changes.

4. Click Save



How to Edit the Holiday Master File for Next Year’s Holidays

It is not necessary to create new holidays for a new year.

It is recommended that you Edit the holiday, change the dates, and answer the questions appropriately for updating existing locations and new locations.

REMINDER: Verify division settings to ensure applicable fields will be updated.


The systems hierarchy for holiday pay will be applied to the specified Locations when the holiday dates occur.



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