VISION: Security - Adding New Users

In this article we will go over new user permissions and user rights, how to create a superuser, default group, and a user and copying a default group.

NOTE:  The Security function controls access to the application itself and to individual functions within the application.

Permissions and User Rights

The assignment of permissions and user rights is administered and maintained by the client (not Valiant).

An authorized user can create/edit user logins and passwords for other users.

Specific permissions can be assigned to an individual user or category of users.

Vision™ has three (3) user categories: User, Default and Superuser.
All individual Vision™ users must be designated a User or Superuser.


This category is created by Valiant.

Generally assigned to those individuals who will be assigned the responsibility of the organization,
typically the System Administrator.

Has full security rights and privileges to all Levels, Divisions and application functions.

Can create security rights and restrictions for all other user categories.

Users cannot create a Superuser.


Special user category designed to create Permission Groups – from which individual users may be

Default is only used to create the Permission Group – individual users cannot be assigned a Default.

Avoids repetitive steps when creating a group of new users with identical security permissions.


Individual employees are assigned, either with individually selected Division and Permission rights or by
Permission Groups (i.e. Default).


How to Create a Superuser

To create a superuser:

1. Select Security from the File Menu.

2. Enter employee name in Login Name field.

3. Select Superuser.

4. Enter a Password.

NOTE: a password must contain at least 6 characters with 1 capital letter and 1 number.

5. Enter Single Sign-on Acct.

NOTE: This is the Citrix user ID assigned to the employee to link both accounts together.

6. Check Add/Edit User.

7. Enter employee name in Name (Last/First) field.

8. Click Save


NOTE:  The Single Sign-on Acct field allows the user to automatically log into Vision upon clicking the Vision icon and connecting through the Citrix application.


How to Create a Default Group

To Create a Default Group:

1. Enter a Default group name in the Login Name field.

2. Select Default.

3. Enter a Password.

NOTE: A Single Sign-on Acct is not needed for Default groups.

4. Enter the Default group name in the Name (Last/First) field.

5. Click Save (before selecting permissions).

6. Click Edit to continue security setup.

7. Select applicable Permissions.

8. Click Save.



How to Create a User

To create a user:

1. Enter employee name in Login Name field.

2. Select User.

3. Enter a Password.

4. Enter Single Sign-on Acct. 

NOTE: This is the Citrix user ID assigned to the employee to link both accounts together.

5. Check Add/Edit User, if applicable.

6. Enter employee name in Name (Last/First) field.

7. Click Save.

NOTE: Click save before selecting permissions. This is important or else the permissions may not save properly.

8. Click Edit to continue security setup

9. Click the Levels tab and select applicable division, level, or
department access.


9. Click on the Division tab (Permissions) and select applicable.

10. Click Save.



How to Copy a Default Group

To copy a default group:

1. Complete steps 1-9 above.

2. Do NOT select individual permissions.

3. Select the Default group from the Copy From drop-down.

4. Select “C” (Current Division) to copy to divisions highlighted (under Levels tab) or

5. Select “A” (All Divisions) to copy all divisions (under Levels tab)

6. Click Save


NOTE: Please refer to document Vision Security – Permissions with Sample Groups.xls for permission definitions.

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