Second Login Box Displayed When Attempting to Log Into Vision


Article Purpose:  If you have a newly created user in the Vision scheduling application and they are seeing the following second login box requesting a username and password when they attempt to log into Vision:


This article will go over how to resolve that issue and get them logged in successfully.




Solution:  The second login box is being displayed because the associated account in Vision hasn’t been created yet.  For access and permissions within Vision, whoever internally creates and manages the Vision user accounts in your client database will need to ensure that they create a new entry for this account under the File -- Security window:


Make sure to enter their Citrix ID into the "Single Sign-On Acct" field:


And if the user in question will be accessing Vision through our Smartforce web Portal please make sure the email address associated with their Portal user account is entered into the "User Email" field:


Additionally make sure that the appropriate Divisions are checked off and the record is saved first before attempting to edit the record again and add in the appropriate permissions on the other tab.  If the record is not saved in between those two actions the checked off permissions may not save properly the first time.  Additional documentation on how to create a new user account in Vision has been attached to this article for reference in case it is needed.

Once the entry for the new user has been saved and confirmed in the above window, the second login box will no longer be displayed and they will be able to log into Vision successfully.


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