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Connections: Technical Considerations

Internet Connection and Blind/Black Spots

m-Post and Patrol are able to function without the need of a constant internet connection. In this case, the device collects the data locally, then sends the information automatically once a connection is reestablished.

However, the lack of internet connection will not allow the device to send information in real time, nor will the device be able to use a few functions that require a request from the system. So long as the app is running (even in the background) it is capable of transmitting stored information even if no one is currently logged in.
Cases where the user leaves the device in an area with no connection and there is still information stored locally should be actively avoided. Whenever possible, attempt to start and end the day's activity in an area with a stable internet connection.

Knowing where the "blind/black spots" are on your site can help alleviate risks associated with connection loss. We recommend you have a network professional assist you; but you may also find a variety of "Network Signal" and "WiFi Analyzer" tools available for download via the Google Play Store.


Cellular Connection and SIM Cards

Most modern devices use SIM Cards (Subscriber Identity Module Cards). SIM Cards are used to establish communication between your device and your chosen phone carrier's network.

SIM Cards are transferable from one device to another, but device's can be region or network "locked", meaning they can only connect to a certain regions or networks. Device's can also be "unlocked", meaning they can accept a SIM Card from any carrier.

SIM Cards also come in a few sizes:

  • Standard (or Mini)
  • Micro
  • Nano

Image result for nano sim card

Please ensure the SIM Card is compatible with your device. Adapters can be used to go from a smaller size to a larger one and are available from many retailers and phone carriers.




Connecting your devices via WiFi is quite common and should not pose an issue. Simply connect it as you would any other device.

However, if restrictions are implemented on your WiFi network you may have to enable the following domain:


Additionally, the following ports may need to be opened for proper operation of your mobile devices:


  • m-Post
  • Port 443 (https)
  • Port 7200 (TCP)
  • Port 7203 (version 1.3.67 and above)


  • Patrol (Android)
  • Port 7200 (TCP)
  • Port 7203 (version 7 and above)


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