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Finding the IMEI

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is usually a 15 digit decimal number used to identify a device on a network. Registering this number allows the system to communicate with the device.

Finding the IMEI can be tricky on some devices, so this article will attempt to make it easier by showing you some common ways to find it.
Note: Although the IMEI is most common, the number you may be looking for may also be listed as:

  • MEID
  • ESN
  • HEX


1. Download and install the app

When opened, both the Patrol and m-Post app (version 1.3.67 and above) will show you the IMEI number that can be used for this device. 


2. Dial *#06# on your device's telephone keypad

Once you enter the code (no need to tap enter or call), the device will display the IMEI.

  • Some device's will not have a telephone keypad.
  • Not all devices have this function.
  • Any numbers to the right of a slash (/) should be excluded.


3. On the device's packaging

If this is a brand new device, this is probably the easiest way.
Note: The number you may be looking for may also be listed as MEID, ESN, or HEX.


4. Under the battery cover/back panel

If the device has more than one SIM slot you will have additional IMEI numbers. Use the IMEI corresponding to the SIM slot you use. If you are using WiFi, the first IMEI listed is usually the correct one.


5. From the device's Settings Menu

Open Settings>About Phone>Status>IMEI
Note: Your device may differ slightly from the picture above, but the path will be the same.
"About Phone" may also be listed as, "About" or "About Device".


6. Google Dashboard (click here)

If you've already setup your google account on the device, the IMEI will be listed in your Google Account's Dashboard. Sign in. Look for and open the section, "Android". This will list all of the device's information.



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