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Add User ID Tag

Note: To add a User ID Tag, you must first have an available "Undefined" tag to configure. It is highly recommended to use the app to "Add Tag", as the serial number of the tag must be exact or it will not function properly.

Click here for instructions on how to add tag via the app.



Find your "undefined" tag and click "Edit" ().

Note: If you've added the tag via the app using "Add Tag", your tag will be listed in the Post where your device was assigned and be named "[Device name] - [Device ID Number] - [Date and Time]". This will help you identify the specific tag you want to configure.


Select or enter the information in to the entry fields, then click "Update"



Tag Information

Name: The name of the tag.
Best Practices: It is recommended you change the tag name to the User you will be assigning it to.

Serial Number: The tag's serial/identification number.
Caution: Do not edit this. Editing this number may cause the tag to not work as intended.

Tag Type: The type of tag this will be. Here in User ID Tags, it is assumed that all tags edited will be User ID Tags. So "User ID" is the only option.

Username: The user this will be assigned to. Select a user from the pull down list.
Note: You may search be typing the users first, last, or username in to the field.


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