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Setup a new Android Device (Access the Google Play Store)

To use one of the our apps, you must go through a setup process to gain access to the Google Play Store.

Android will walk you through the process of setting up your device when you turn it on. However, if you need assistance, we suggest doing a Google Search, "How to setup [your device here]" or something similar. There are many guides available from multiple websites.

Here are the basic steps you may go through...

  1. Insert your SIM (if you are using a SIM), insert the battery, then attach the rear panel/battery cover
  2. Turn on the phone
  3. Select a language
  4. Connect to WiFi (optional)
  5. Enter your Google account or create one
  6. Select your backup and payment options (no payment option necessary if only using our apps)
  7. Set up a password
  8. Start downloading apps and content

Once you have gone through this, you should be able to access the Google Play Store.


Click here for instructions on downloading the m-Post or Patrol app.

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