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Add Equipment

Click “Add Equipment”



Select or enter the appropriate information in to the entry fields, then click “Create”.




System Type: Type of equipment (the User Interface will change according to your selection, "System License" with "m-Post" selection is displayed).

  1. Equipment - Any item or object.
  2. System License - A device used to by this system to submit information.


Equipment Type: The type of system in use for this device.

  1. m-Post - m-Post Android application
  2. Patrol (Android) - Patrol Android application
  3. Patrol (Sonim) - Patrol Sonim application

Note: Android devices can be added via the Android App, however specific user rights are required; these rights are limited to certain users and have additional prerequisites. Contact Trackforce for additional information.


Name: The name of the device.


Serial Number: Serial Number or IMEI of the device.

Note: The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) may also be listed as; ESN, MEID, or HEX.


Condition: The state of the device.

  1. Very good
  2. Good
  3. Average
  4. Needs repair
  5. Out of Order
  6. Missing


Description: Additional information about the device or equipment.


Device assigned to...: The user this device is currently assigned to.

Note: You may use this to reassign the device to another user or select the blank space to un-assign it.


Device’s Phone Number: The device’s phone number (if it has one).



System Type - Equipment: This allows you to add items, objects, or equipment that is not used with this system, but whose condition can be monitored by the system.

Unique fields

Quantity: The amount of items. These equipment entries may also represent groups of items, it is helpful to add each item of the group in the description field.

Tag: This allows you to link this item with a Material Tag.



Equipment Type - "Patrol (Android)" and "Patrol (Sonim)":

Unique Fields

Device can be un-assigned by user in the field?: "Patrol (Android)" and "Patrol (Sonim)" only. This will allow the current user to un-assign the device (logout) from the device through the app.


Click here to set up Lone Woker Protections.


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