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Set Conditions

Set Conditions are additional options to better filter the notifications to users. You may specify that only reports which carry specific information be delivered to a user.


Click "Yes" on "Set Conditions?"


Enter the desired information in to the appropriate field(s) and click "Save"

Match ANY of the following rules: You may set one or more rules, if any of the rules match, the notification will be triggered.

Must Match ALL of the following rules: You may set one or more rules, all rules must match for the notification to be triggered.


You will be making a true/false statement with three criteria forming the "rule":
Question Is (= or ) to "blank".
This rule will trigger the notification if met exactly.


Question: A question within the report you would like to make a condition for.

Select one.


Is: Either "Equal to" or "Not equal to".

Select one.


(Blank): This is the response given by the user while filling out the report.

Select one or enter a response.

Best Practices: This field will either give you a pull down list to choose from or an entry field to enter a response (depending on how you set up the template). If you choose to enter a response, the user filling out the report must type the response entered here exactly. Otherwise, the notification will not be triggered.
For this reason, it is recommended to use lists or pre-defined lists for this function.


: Add additional rule.

: Remove rule.

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