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Editing a Geofence

Select "Edit" ()


The geofence will display with solid boxes (your current point) and transparent boxes (potential new point).


Moving Points

Drag a solid box to a new location and drop it to set it.



Adding New Points

Move the cursor over a transparent box (you will see a small green dot with an add sign []), click on it.


The selected box will become solid and two new transparent boxes will appear to either side. Move the new solid box to the desired position.


Deleting Points

Move the cursor over the desired box and hold the CTRL (Control) Key on your key board (you will see a small red dot with an X []), click on the box.


The box will become transparent again and the two transparent boxes will disappear.


Save your Changes

Click "Save" () to save your settings.


You will get a confirmation.


Note #1: If at any time during editing the ESC (Escape) key is pressed, editing will stop. Save or Cancel your settings, then reopen Edit Mode.

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