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Add a Geofence

Select Post where you would like to add a Geofence.

Note: You may only add one geofence per post.


Enter Address
or use the map to locate your Post.

Note: Our system uses Bing Maps by Microsoft to display maps (as indicated in the lower left corner of the map). Recently constructed areas or renovations may not yet be visible on these maps.


Select "Add" () to enter Geofence "Edit Mode"


on the map to add a point, continue to add points to define the geofence.


Hit the ESC (Escape Key) on your keyboard to close the geofence.


Set up Alerts for Entering and/or Exiting the geofence.

Note: You may only change these settings while in "Edit Mode".


Select "Save" () to save your settings.


You will get a confirmation that is has been successfully saved.

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