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Add Tag to a Tour (Tour Checkpoints)

Best Practices: Tags may be added directly from the web portal. However, the tag serial number should be recorded exactly. If it is not exact, it will not function properly.
Due to this, it is highly recommended that you add the tag via the app.

See these articles for the two methods of adding Tags via the App: Method #1, Method #2


Click "Add" ()



Select or enter the appropriate information in to the entry fields, then click "Enter" (). Tags will be added to the “Tags” list.
Repeat this process to add additional tags. When finished click the "Save" button on the bottom right ().




Tag S/N: The serial/reference of the tag. The tag identification number.
Note: The tag serial number must be exact.


Tag Name: Name of the checkpoint, area, or item to be checked.


Comments/Instructions: Enter comments and/or instructions for the checkpoint/area/item. This will be displayed to the user when conducting the tour.


Linked Report: This tag can initiate a report to be completed. Select a report from the pull down menu.
Note: You must have at least one report set up in Activity/Incident Templates for this site/post for the pull down to populate options.


Linked Post Order: This tag will be linked with a Post Order. When the tag is read, the option to open the Post Order will be available to the user.


Position #: Position of the tag within the tour. The system will order them automatically based on the order you enter them, but you may adjust this manually by entering the position number.
Note: Though you must have a defined order, the devices do not require you to scan them in the order listed:

  • m-Post/Patrol (Sonim): You may scan the tags in any order.
  • ActiveGuard: You must scan the tag in position #1, first; and the tag in the last position, last. All others can be scanned in any order.


Click here for instructions on how to edit tags in a tour.


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