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Email & SMS Notifications

Each template can be setup to notify specific individuals, keeping everyone informed on the latest happenings.

Notifications setup in this manner will distribute immediately, once the "event" has been triggered.

Click “Notification” () in the header to receive notifications for all Activity/Incident Reports.

Click “Notification” () in the Email/SMS column to receive notifications for a specific report.


Click here for more details on notification setup.


Here are the options you will have for events/triggers:

  • New Report Filed: A new report was created and submitted.
  • Pending Report Updated: A pending report was reopened and resubmitted to "Pending Reports".
  • Report Completed: A report was closed/finalized.
  • Time in "Pending Report" exceeded: The report has been left "pending" for more than the set parameter.


Click here for information on the "Set Conditions" options.


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