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Notifications (Emails, SMS Text, and Voice Calls)

Notifications are messages in the form of emails, SMS Texts, and/or calls from the system alerting you about an activity/event without the need to login.
Notification icons can be found in most areas of the system. Usually they are found in a column marked "Email/SMS", but can also be found in the top left corner of a table or page. All notifications are set up in the same way, only the activity (the event you want to receive notification for) and the event (trigger) are different and specific to the module where it is found.


Click “Notification” ().

Note: You can select the icon in the row or the header. Selecting the icon in the header will allow you to set up notifications for all items on the list.


Click “Add New…

Note: You will see all the previous notifications setup in the "Distribution List" and can be enabled/disabled, edited, or deleted from this screen. If the icons for Status, Edit, or Delete do not appear, you may need to use the Notification Icon in the header to make these changes.


Select or enter the appropriate information in to the entry fields, then click "Save"; the items entered will clear and the new entry will be placed in the "distribution list". Repeat this process for each new notification you’d like to add. When finished, click "Back".



Activity Type: What the activity pertains to; the template or item you are setting up a notification for.

Event: The particular circumstance you would like to set up notification for, the trigger for the notification.

Recipient’s is:

  1. GuardTek User: An individual with system access (login).
  2. Employee: An individual in the Tenant/Employee List
  3. Other Contact: Any individual without system access nor in the Tenant/Employee List.


If "Other Contact" is chosen, you may choose a previously entered individual in "Recipient's Address". If they are not there, you may add a new individual by choosing "Contact Details".

Additional entry fields will appear, enter the appropriate information. When finished, click "Save".
This will add the new contact to the "Other Contact" pull down list and the "distribution list".


Type of Notification: The type of notification sent.

  1. Email: Email address (this is the default)
  2. SMS: An SMS Text. Add a phone number, use format: +[contry code][number] (no spaces or dashes)
  3. Voice: Voice Message; add a phone number; use format: +[contry code][number] (no spaces or dashes).

Note #1: If a phone number is associated with the user account of the user selected (in Settings>Users) his number will appear here automatically.
Note #2: Not all activities have all three options.
Note #3: SMS Texts and Voice calls will be a summary of the activity. Date, time, location, submitting user, and title will be included in the notification, but not the details within the report.

Email Subject Line: You may add a prefix to the Subject Line of the email notification to aid in email filtering.

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