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Add an Activity/Incident Template

Click "Add an Activity Template" or "Add an Incident Template"


Select or enter the appropriate information in to the entry fields, then click “Create”.


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Activity/Incident Template Details

Report Name: The name of the report template.

Activity/Incident Report Category: The category of the report. Select from the pull down menu or enter new category in the text box.

Role authorized to fill the report: Allows only users that are of the role selected to view and use the template for reports.

Priority: Priority of the Report
Note: The priority does not change how the Activity/Incident Report functions, only how it is displayed in the Logbook.

  • High (Red)
  • Medium (Yellow/Orange)
  • Low (Green)

Internal report (no Client access): When checked, reports submitted using this template will not display in the Logbook. Requires users to have “Restricted View” enabled.

Allow "Pending" status: Allows reports to be placed in “Pending Status” and be completed at a later time.

If "Pending" allowed, how many days: The amount of time, in days, that a report can be left in “Pending Status” before alerts are triggered.

Answer to display in Pending Reports: You may select a particular field of the report. The answer given to this field will be used to more easily identify specific reports that are in the Pending Reports list.

On-screen Instructions: Instructions for your users to read before they begin this report.

Enable "Assign to User": This will allow the template to be started and assigned to a particular user for completion.

Last Updated by: This will appear once the template has been created, and will note the last user, date, and time the template was updated.

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